Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sep 18, 2646 - 2668.8

Canada!  I made it!  There was a tough climb right off the bat this morning.  Old trail staying up high to Woody pass had been abandoned and was unsafe.  Instead, new trail switchbacked down into the valley and then back up to the pass.  It was one of the harder passes in WA.  After that it was an easy and beautiful morning.  I passed a small lake and after that there weren't many views as the trail descended down into the trees.  The PCT monument 78 is at the US/Canada  border at mile 2660.1.  About a half mile away I met Southern hiking back southbound.  We high fived each other and shared congratulations and smiles.  I was happy there was someone to share the moment with.  The monument was in a very peaceful spot which seemed fitting.  I thought about my friend Daryl who dropped me off at the southern monument in Campo.   I thought about all of the trail angels and strangers and their kindness.  I thought about my hiker friends who I shared miles of trail with.  I wish them safe travels.  Then I wrote in the register.  And it was on to Manning Park Lodge.  My feet had wings.  At the lodge I was given a box breakfast for morning since the bus to Vancouver leaves before the restaurant opens.  Shower.  Laundry.  Food.  But first I had to get on the hotel computer and let family know I arrived safely.  There's no cell service or wifi here.  Eating dinner at  the restaurant it all seems so surreal.  I can't hardly believe I'm here.  Of course I'm not done.  I still have to go back and do the last 68 miles of California.  This is the section from Seiad Valley to Ashland that I skipped when I got sick.  But for now I'm enjoying this moment and celebrating! 

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  1. Hooray for Helicopter!

    I hope your knee gets better quickly.


  2. Congratulations Lisa!! It's SO awesome that you did this!! What an awesome experience!!

  3. Congratulations Lisa. You are awesome!

  4. Congratulations -

    I have enjoyed your blog from the beginning-
    thank you for the adventure. You take excellent
    photos. Maybe I'll get on the trail soon.


  5. Wow congratulations! Love the top shot. I will have to read back on your posts for sure. Well done. I hope you're adjusting well back to normal life again :) Some day I will do a PCT or just a JMT!

  6. Congrats
    I've been thinking about doing the PCT next year and your blog was a real inspiration, especially hearing about all the awesome people (angels or otherwise) you met along the way. Thanks for taking all the great pictures and notes and for such an awesome attitude.
    Jeff(different one then above)